About us

What is Clutchthking, What do we stand for.?

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ClutchThinking is an Athleisure apparel brand, We manufacture an unrivaled kind of fabric called Hyperstretch, the fabric is not found elsewhere in the entire world. We are a manufacturer and online retailer based in India, with repeating customers from the United States, Canada, and India. We are the only one to achieve this, in the community of athleisure clothing.

Our Mission

"Winning the moments each and every day"
Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand human potential and spread their wings. We do that by creating groundbreaking innovations, by making our products more sustainably and unique, by building a creative and diverse community and by making a positive impact to world and help making world a better place, where we live and work to give comfort and feel empowering through our clothing. Winning the battles we fight each and every day, to be the clutch and a leader.  

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Our Vision

"If you are a human you are an athlete"
We believe in the power of boundless human potential to do anything, inspire people to take action in their communities. And make world a better place, We are committed to fostering inclusive of all bodytypes and to breaking down barriers and stereotypes for all athletes. taking care of nature through our Eco-Friendly material. We limit no movement with clutchking stretchable fit, and you can go directly from a workout to a friendly meeting with our Anti-Odour material.
"Unlimit yourself by ClutchThinking.'